Soccer Leagues

Adult Leagues:


  Fall Winter 1 Winter 2 Spring Sum.
Adult Coed A Sun. 3:00-11:00P9/11/1611/13/161/29/174/9/176/25/17
Adult Coed B Sun. 3:00-11:00P9/11/1611/13/161/29/174/9/176/25/17
Adult Coed B Wed. 6:00 -11:00P9/7/1611/9/162/1/174/19/176/28/17
Adult Coed C Sun. 11:00-6:00P9/11/1611/13/161/29/174/9/176/25/17
Adult Coed B Sat. 2:00p - 8:00P-----12/3/162/18/17-----
Women's A Mon. 5:30-11:00P9/12/1611/14/161/23/17*4/3/176/5/17
Women's B Mon. 5:30-11:00P9/12/1611/14/161/23/17*4/3/176/5/17
Women's O25 C Wed. 5:30-11:00P9/7/1611/9/162/1/17*4/19/17-----
Men's A Tu. 6:00-11:00P9/13/1611/15/161/31/17*4/18/176/20/17
Men's B Tu. 6:00-11:00P9/16/1611/15/161/31/17*4/18/176/20/17
Men's C Thus. 6:00-11:00P9/8/1611/10/1652/2/174/20/176/29/17


  • 8 Week Leagues ... Fall, Winter One, and Winter Two - $635.00
  • 8 Week Leagues ... Spring and Summer - $585.00
  • 6 Week Leagues ... Women's Spring only - $475.00
  • 6 week leagues are noted by a *
  • O25 Must be 25yrs old or older.
  • Referee fees are not included- they are $12.00 per game
The Procedure
  1. The first thing you have to do is fill out the registration and pay the $110.00 nonrefundable deposit online. If you are paying by check or cash, please come in to RSG for this.
  2. All your players will then need to be members of RSG and join your team online.
  3. All your players will also need to stop at the front desk before their first game and have their photo taken if they are new members.
  4. You may call five days before the start of the league for your first game time. Games times will be posted on our web site a few days before the start of the league. We ask that each player looks up game times on our website.
  5. Every person on the Team MUST have a RSG membership and be on the team roster/waiver to be a legal player.
  6. $250.00 must be paid before the 2nd game will start.
  7. The total balance must be paid before the 3rd game starts.
  8. There may be roster changes up to the 5th week of the league (4th wk for 6 wk lgs), but all players MUST be on the Team Roster Sheet located at the front desk. The player is not rostered until all their info. is filled out on the roster and they have played a game. Games with illegal players will be forfeited.
  9. Pay the ref before each game.
  10. Play and have fun.
  11. If a player gets a red card it is up to the coach or player to get in touch with us before the next game. Failure to do so will result in additional suspended games.
  12. To be eligible to play in the playoff's a player must have played 2 games in the current league (one before the roster cut of date) and have filled out the main roster.
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